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Fascia, Soffit & Cladding

Freefoam® range of fascia and soffit products have been specifically designed for and supplied to the building industry in the UK, Ireland & Mainland Europe and are all backed by an industry leading guarantees.


All our PVC fascia and soffit is lead free and is avalible in a large choice of sizes, styles and colours


  1. White Fascia and Soffit

    White Fascia and Soffit

  2. Ogee Fascia & Soffit Board

    Ogee Fascia & Soffit Board

  3. Bullnose Fascia and Soffit

    Bullnose Fascia and Soffit

  4. Coloured Fascia and Soffit

    Coloured Fascia and Soffit

  5. Woodgrain Fascia and Soffit

    Woodgrain Fascia and Soffit

  6. 10mm PVC Trims

    10mm PVC Trims

  7. White External Cladding

    White External Cladding

  8. Fortex External Cladding

    Fortex External Cladding

  9. Window Boards and Trims

    Window Boards and Trims