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Corrugated Sheets

With our extensive range of stocked corrugated sheets we are sure you can find the product to suit your needs. Everything from the traditional 3” Profile PVC Sheets and the more modern Box Profile to CA32/1000 plastic coated galvanised steel sheets. With matching GRP sheets for areas that require light.


We have a range of Onduline Bitumen sheets in the standard corrugated profile and the new Onduvilla Bitumen Tiles with an aesthetically pleasing appearance and simple to install.


If you have an unusual profile then we have access to over 400 different profiles and can have them made in GRP for you.


  1. PVC Clear 3 inch Profile

    PVC Clear 3 inch Profile

  2. PVC Box Profile

    PVC Box Profile

  3. Big 6 PVC Corrugated

    Big 6 PVC Corrugated

  4. Onduline Bitumen Corrugated

    Onduline Bitumen Corrugated

  5. Onduvilla Tiles

    Onduvilla Tiles

  6. Galvanised Steel 3 inch Profile

    Galvanised Steel 3 inch Profile

  7. GRP - Fibre Glass Corrugated

    GRP - Fibre Glass Corrugated

  8. Steel CA32 1000 Profile

    Steel CA32 1000 Profile

  9. M‌ini Profile

    M‌ini Profile

  10. Corrugated Accessories and Fixings

    Corrugated Accessories and Fixings