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Derma Defender ® is designed to help protect those who work outdoors from the harmful effects of the UV exposure from the sun.

As reported in the Sun newspaper Research published in the British Journal of Cancer and carried out world by renowned institution ‘Imperial College London’, by Dr Lesley Rushton (who is an advisor to the UK government and a European committee on carcinogens). Statistically each year in Britain, damage caused by ultraviolet (UV) rays from the SUN AT WORK result in:

  • 241 cases of melanoma skin cancer
  • 48 deaths

Of the Deaths

  • 44% in Construction jobs (Such as BOB the Builder).
  • 23% in Agricultural jobs (such as Old McDonald who had a farm).
  • 10% in Public Admin & Defence jobs (such as PC Plod or GI Joe).

Each of these jobs would traditionally be considered a practical / blue collar type of job.

We thought something should be done about this and have brought to market Blue Collar Care – Derma Defender to help save lives and help reduce these statistics.

Why are we doing this? We come from a blue collar background ourselves (our uniform is even blue) and many of us have friends or family who have been affected from cancer in one form or another, and so understand how this affects not only those who suffer but those around them also.

Derma Defender is the beginning, but the range is intended to be expanded. We have also got a UV indicator band that changes clour when exposed to UV rays to help remind you of the potential dangers.

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