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Promotion Razor - Builders Blades

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The Builders Blades Razor Handle

The razor handle has been ergonomically designed to fit the hand while shaving in many applications, For example when you shave your face you hold the razor differently depending on if it the check, lip, chin or neck; and you hold it differently again depending on if you are, head shaving, under arm shaving or any other region of the body.

The weight of the builders blades has been carefully balanced so it feels like the robust tool that it is, but light enough to be a precision instrument used by a craftsman, which it also is.

Manufactured from sturdy metal alloy, with rubber grips to stop slippage and polymer detailing for aesthetics and secure assembly. Lots of design and engineering has gone into making this sleek and stylish precision tool..

The Builders Blades cartridge interface is also very important part of the design, and much more so than people give it credit for. The simple push button at the top moves the actuators to engage and disengage the Builders Blades razor cartridge head for easy replacement. The razor cartridge head has two curved slots which allow the head to slide along and alter the angle of the razor head to match the contours of your skin. Equally important is that the head returns into position once pressure is removed, to ensure the contours of the face are followed for a good shave. To achieve this there is a spring loaded finger which has been designed to give the optimum force and pressure for a good shave; too little and the head will flop about, too much and the head will not move, it’s like the three bears, not too little and not too much, just right!

Some razors try to achieve the contour matching by clever material science, with the use of flexible plastic and rubber; and although we applauded them on the ingenuity and cost savings during manufacture, we believe it is not the best approach and therefore not the best tool. These plastics and rubbers will all slightly differ from batch to batch and so the materials properties will differ slightly and give a slightly different experience to the shave. These materials also often age harden, or harden due to ultra violet exposure, this means they become less flexible over time and the shave performance diminishes.

At the base of the Builders Blades handle we have our logo, so you do not forget to come buy from us.

Builders Blades 3 Blade Razor Cartridges

The blades are clearly one of the most important parts of the shave. Our blades are manufactured in Europe to the most stringent of quality controls. They are ceramics coated carbon steel that have been rolled and ground to create the finest hair slicing blade. The rolling realigns the molecules of the steel to make them much stronger for their given weight than a cut or pressed blade, which means they can be thinner and sharper!

Each blade is spot welded multiple times, and folded to increase their rigidity, this ensures they stay straight and sharp which reduces nicks and cuts of the skin. An easy visual for this is to get a piece of paper and hold it up, you can see it flops about, now fold it a couple of times along the length and hold it up and you can see it holds its shape. This is the same principle of corrugation!

The Builders Blades razor cartridges have a open architecture that exposes the back, so much so the if you hold it just right you can see completely through it. This is important for clearing the hair once cut and allowing the blade to be unobstructed for cutting the next hair.

Before the blades is a rubber razor guard bar, which is designed to pull the skin taught stretching it slightly, and helps stop the skin bulging in between the blades which would then cause a cut on the skin. After the blades is an Aloe Vera strip that is infused with vitamin E. This helps to quickly cool and hydrate the skin after the blades have passed over them to minimise any razor burn from such a close shave.

We understand that people are different! their needs and wants are different! and so we also offer a 5 blade + trimmer cartridge that fits the handle see the relevant page for details. Which you choose really does come down to personal preference and your individuality.

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