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Replacing a garage roof is a common request we receive, and what materials are best suited to full fill this task. With their being a range of different types of garages, and customers requirements for their use often differing (cars, tools, workshop, studio, other storage etc) then any of the following could be used:


From our experience we would not recommend plastic corrugated sheets, this is because they need ventilation and should be only used on open structures, they are very easy to cut and so can pose a security risk, They become more brittle over time and if someone climbs onto them (kid retrieving a football maybe) they could get injured.


Now we have established there are multiple options, you may feel that this has not solved your problem. To help, I as the author and someone who has worked for many years in the industry will tell you what I would do.


With this being a garage, I would assume at some point their will be items of value in the building, and so I want a strong robust material for both security and safety, I would also want natural daylight to come into the building for when I am working inside it without being totally clear. Given both these factors I would normally therefore pick the Plastic Coated Steel Sheets & the GRP roof sheets for daylight, this is the type of combination used in commercial buildings. If think there is a concern for needing insulation to stop heat loss or condensation then I could then add this to the underside of the steel sheets, and even install hollow soffit (or other cladding) on the surface to give a decorative easy clean surface.