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How to install shower wall panel - White PVC Sheet

Step 1. Ensure the walls around the shower are flat and clean from dust etc. Often this will be either the plasterboard of the room or sometimes the sheets are installed over existing tiles.

Step 2. Measure the width of the shower tray where the shower wall panel is to be installed, and cut the shower wall panel board to the appropriate width.

For cutting the panel, start by drawing a straight line on the reverse of the panel, then use a fine tooth hand saw for cutting along the line. Ensure the board is well supported during the process. Sometimes a good stanley blade can be used.

Step 3. Measure the height of where the shower wall panel is to terminate on the wall, and cut the shower wall panel board to the appropriate length.

Step 4. If there are pipes to protrude through the panel, measure their position on the wall from a fixed reference point (normally the corner) and mark on the back of the panel their positions. Circular holes should be cut using a hole saw, square holes should be cut by drilling the four corners and then using a close quarter hack saw to cut between the holes around the perimeter.

Step 6. Double check the wall and the panel is dry, clean and free from dust, otherwise the adhesive will only stick to this and not your panel or wall.

Step 7. Apply shower wall panel adhesive to the wall the panel will be stuck to. This gun adhesive should be applied around the perimeter of where the shower wall panel will by stuck, and then the middle should be filled with straight lines approximately every 100mm (4”) apart running vertically and of approximately 3mm diameter beads. Please note that the adhesive will start to cure when it is applied and so time should not be wasted at this stage. You will need approximately 1 tube of adhesive per panel

Step 8. Position shower wall panel into place and push firmly onto the wall, smoothing all over to ensure an even finish. The panel may need to be held into position while the shower wall adhesive grabs sufficiently, sometimes people chock the panels white the adhesive sets.

Step 9. Peel back the cover sheet approximately 25mm (1”) on all 4 side ready for the silicone sealant later.

Step 10. Repeat steps 1 to 9 for a second or third shower wall panel if needed, this depends on the shower enclosure type.

Step 11. Run a generous bead of mould resistant silicone sealant in the corners and perimeter of the sheet. Smooth the silicone beading with the silicone applicator tool to get it to mould neatly and give a good seal. Wipe away any excess sealant promptly.

Step 12. Once the adhesive and silicone sealant is cured and set, the protective film can be removed from the shower wall panels.


Below is a video showing a similar installation as described above.


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