These offer a complete DIY carport kit, which can also be used for a veranda, walkway, playground canopy or many other applications. Below you will find the most popular sizes with the white powder coated aluminium framework and the haze (white) 16mm polycarbonate sheets. If you require other combinations please use the carport parts calculator at the bottom of the page.

Ideal for a carport the system however has the versatility to do much larger areas.

System includes

  • Strong all aluminium framework construction.

  • Strong 16mm Polycarbonate haze sheets giving protection and shading.

  • Hidden integral gutter to beam and support legs that :

    • Reduces the space required for the structure.

    • Reduces the cost as guttering does not have to be added.

    • Stops the damage of the plastic gutter and pipe in high footfall areas.

  • Beam can be used as a box gutter against a wall.

  • Bar cavities so electrics can be run internally.

  • Simple fixing systems for speed and ease of installation.

  • Wallplates that can be bolted together to create a ridge section, ideal for freestanding structures.

  • Eaves Beams that can be bolted together to form valley gutters, ideal for freestanding structures.

Each kit comes with 16mm Haze Polycarbonate Sheets, Sheet Ventilation Tape, Sheet End Closures, Glazig Bars with End-Caps, Wall-Plate with End-Caps, Front Beam & Gutter with End-Caps, 2.5m Support Posts (2 for 3.2m widths, 3 for 4.25m&5.3m), Post Base Plates, Silicone, Wall Fixings, Drill Bits, Screws, Rivets and Rivet Gun.

If you need to create a carport canopy that is longer then this calculator will work out the materials required for building a carport.

Carport Parts Calculator

We also have a pdf guide for installing your Sanctuary Canopy showing how to build a carport

Carport Canopy Installation Guide