Telford Direct Vented Copper Cylinders

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£231.78 Ex VAT (£278.14 Inc VAT)
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Telford 1050mm x 450mm (42" x 18" approx) Hot Water Copper Cylinder Standard Direct Grade 3 Part L

When the only energy source available is electricity, a Direct pattern hot water copper cylinder is the ideal product. The domestic water is directly heated by the immersion heaters which sit inside the hot water copper cylinder, however, the heat up and recovery times take longer than an Indirect hot water copper cylinder.
Manufactured and fully approved to the latest British Standard specification BSI566:2002 (Part L)


  • Height - 1050mm
  • Width - 450mm
  • Hot Water Capacity - 140 Litres
  • Type - Direct Vented
  • Material - Copper
  • Need to allow 35mm of Lagging each side (+70mm diameter)
  • All Vented Copper cylinders come with a 1" secondary return