PVC Clear 3 inch Profile

Clear PVC plastic corrugated sheets in 3" cement profile is stocked in a choice of two grades. The 5 star economy grade that is 0.8mm thick and found in B&Q, Wicke's and other DIY chains; and the 10 star professionals grade that is 1.3mm thick which is our best seller out of the two.

PVC Plastic corrugated roofing sheets are the first product C & A started to sell over 45 years ago. They were revolutionary at the time, due to their flexibility and ease of installation. The plastic corrugated roofing is light weight, easy to handle, allow for light transmission and all at very low cost. These attributes still hold true today, which is why they are still a very popular product for carports and open shelters.

How To Install Plastic Corrugated Roofing Sheets Video