Avon Premium Frame Supported Glazing Bar

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Parent Code: AXX
Part Code: ATQ20WH
EAN: 5055497200308

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£20.73 Ex VAT (£24.88 Inc VAT)
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Avon frame supported glazing bar for 16mm & 25mm or 35mm & 40mm polycarbonate roof sheets. Manufactured with a heavy-duty aluminium core, this provides additional strength to frames made of lighter grade timber and can span between purlins at 2-foot (610mm) centres. The bottom is of the glazing bar clad with a PVC to give it better aesthetics and improved thermal insulation, while the top cap is made from thick PVC which simply clips into place to secure the sheet.

The Avon glazing bar is designed to be easier to install than other bars on the market with it being 60mm wide compared to the 50mm of other bar systems. This allows for greater flexibility when trimming the polycarbonate to width to ensure a vertical rib is encapsulated and was developed from years of experience and first-hand problems encountered.


Materials: Aluminium & PVC

Width: 60mm

Suitable for: TQ model = 16mm & 25mm polycarbonate or KN model = 35mm & 40mm polycarbonate