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The York 8 & 7 glazing bar systems are self-supporting once fixed at both ends. The are easy to install with the pivot mounts and the one piece snap down top caps make installation very easy. These have become a favourite for those installing a quick carport, basic conservatory due to the ease of installation and the PVC bottom cap that gives a thermal break to help minimise condensation.

The York 8 model was envisaged first and can span up to 4M, but was so popular that one of our larger customers requested a lighter weight (only needed to span up to 3M) version that also took 16mm polycarbonate for the outdoor structures they built and so the York 7 model was born.


Materials: Aluminium & PVC


  • Model 8 = up to 4M
  • Model 7 = up to 3M

Compatible Polycarbonate Sheets:

  • Model 8-L = 25mm & 35mm
  • Model 8-S = 40mm
  • Model 7-L = 16mm
  • Model 7-S = 25mm or 40mm