25mm Polycarbonate Sheet | Clear, Bronze, White

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£17.51 Ex VAT (£21.01 Inc VAT)
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Lexan 25mm polycarbonate sheet, with cutting-edge technology this 9 wall sheet gives greater insulation than others on the market. These polycarbonate sheets are also UV coated on both sides of the sheet; this means that there is no upside / incorrect installation that can shorten the lifespan of the polycarbonate. Most people have seen but not understood why some sheets in an installation go milky compared to others, and that’s because those sheets have been installed the wrong way up and not protected.


Weight: 3.0 kg/sqm

Insulation U Value:  1.4

Light Transmission:

  • Clear = 70%
  • Bronze = 40%
  • White = 50%