Corrugated Sheet | 3" Iron Profile | Galvanised Steel | 12ft (3660mm)

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£49.73 Ex VAT (£59.68 Inc VAT)
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Galvanised steel corrugated sheeting (also known as tin and iron sheets) is a long-established low-cost roofing sheet, and also popular for temporary hoardings that need to be secure. Please note these sheets produce a white dusting on them as they oxidise and this is normal, however you can paint them if you feel its appropriate. These sheets should be handles with care as they have very sharp edges and we would recommend carrying only one at a time to stop and sheets slipping and cutting your hands. If you require light panels for the roof, then you must use the 3 inch iron polycarbonate corrugated sheets and accessories to match.


Thicknesss: 0.5mm

Width: 790mm (740mm cover)

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