Corrugated Shaped Eaves Filler

Corrugated Sheet Profile:
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Part Code: REF32
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£6.70 Ex VAT (£8.04 Inc VAT)
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Pack of 10 eaves filler strips for CA32 profile corrugated sheets. Consists of 5 tops and 5 bottoms.

These are manufactured from a dense foam into the profile shape of the sheet and are placed between the sheet and the supporting purlins to ensure the sheet stays in shape and is not distorted when adding the fixings. They are also required at the eaves of the roof (bottom near the gutter) as this will help ensure that the wind does not gut under the sheets at this exposed location and reduce the pressure on the fixings and sheets.

Steel sheets often use steel trims for flashing and so do not shape to the sheet profile, the dense foam fillers are used in revers at this point to seal between the sheet and the flashing, and with this sheet profile not being symmetrical there are separate fillers for the top (flashing) and the bottom (eaves).