Onduvilla Tiles

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Onduvilla Tile strips come in a range of colours and are very popular for installation on garden sheds and home offices. Hade from the same bitumen material the classic Onduline sheets are they are light weight, strong and easy to handle.

Designed at Onduline’s Italian design studio with a unique three tone colour shad finish in red and green, recreating warm natural colours normally only associated with expensive and heavy clay roofing products. This attractive colour finish combined with the Mediterranean bold roll profile results in an exciting and exclusive roof covering that bestows an attractive aesthetic roof finish to any structure. The practical design aspects of the Onduvilla tile strip range have not been overlooked with an innovative tile lapping system utilising a grooved lap joint to provide enhanced weathering performance. The tiles form a desirable, durable and light-weight roof covering that can either be laid on a roof decking or close boarding.

Onduvilla Tile Size:

Length: 1060mm (1M cover)

Depth 400mm (300mm cover)