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£29.84 Ex VAT (£35.81 Inc VAT)
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Solid glass clear polycarbonate sheet are used for many applications including, greenhouse glass replacements, sneeze screens, riot shields, machine guards, barrel vault, domes, picture frames and commonly used for roof domes.

Solid polycarbonate sheeting is up to 200 times the impact strength compared to the equivalent thickness in glass, it has a fire rating which makes it acceptable in most building application and is easy to cut and drill.

The flat solid polycarbonate sheets we sell are glass clear transparent, the material is available in other colours and finishes but the volumes on these are low and we must price on a per job basis, and this can take a short while.

The polycarbonate sheets are stocked in 8ft x 4ft sheets and 3M x 2M (head office only) sheets and a range of thickness, we cut the polycarbonate in store and so sell smaller pieces from a set size list.