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 With their success they became one the largest distributers of PVC corrugated sheets in the UK! But they still did not rest on their Loral's as a new kid was in town “Multiwall Polycarbonate”. Over the years C & A have become one of the largest independent UK stockholders of this product range and have continued to stay at the leading edge of this product range. C & A are often consulted by the manufacturers as products feasibility in the UK market before it goes into full production; it is not uncommon for C & A to take initial production runs to help launch new product lines to the UK.
 Trying to stay at the front is never easy and sometimes we miss what is happening around us, for example we did not see the emergence of the UPVC fascia and soffit markets in the 1990’s and were playing catch up for a while. To help ensure that we do not miss these sorts of opportunities in future, we always encourage feedback and suggestions. Part of this continuous innovation has resulted in C & A designing it’s our own range of timber support bars over the years with different aspects, for example the Avon is 58mm wide to make easier installation on wide fluted sheets, but the Hawk bar is 48mm wide and fits neatly on 2” timbers rafters often used. We do try to offer products to suit everyone and their application and this has resulted in the development of products that are fundamentally the same but different enough to cater for most applications, we certainly try to please everyone.

 C & A today is still not too dissimilar to the founding beginnings, it’s still a family firm just with more than 2 people. We still see plastics as becoming ever more important to the building industry. C & A pride themselves with keeping at the leading edge and have regular talks to industry experts and are always looking at ways to improve products, service, and value for money. Recently we have renewed our website to give a far better customer experience with order history lookup plus many other benefits. The site now boasts an ever-growing product video collection designed to help customers understand the products. These are just the improvements that are visible to you the customer, but rest assured we work just as hard on the back-office stuff you cannot see. We intend to bring out even more new developments and special offers and to hear about them first you should ensure you keep your records up to date with us. Please ensure to update any address, email, or phone numbers so that we can bring the news to you first!

If you wish to contact us about any projects, you can here:

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C & A were established in 1968 by the founding couple Charles and Audrey. Back then plastics were a relatively very new product for the construction industry, but they had the vision that these were going to be important building blocks for the future. With a background in carpentry, it made sense that these skills should be used in conjunction with these new emerging products, and the focus was on canopies and carports. These canopies were made to measure and sold as either self-assembly kit or with a complete install service.