Polycarbonate roof sheets are used in many DIY and commercial roofs. These polycarbonate panels are light weight, hard wearing, in a range of thicknesses, sizes, and colours, all at low prices.

We have been supplying polycarbonate sheets for over 50 years and have a full range of options and accessories so that you can complete your project. On the product pages you will also find the helpful installation guides, videos, and data sheets that provide information and reassurance.

Polycarbonate roof sheets are easy to cut using a fine tooth saw; they are most often installed onto a wooden or metal structure using one of the glazing bar systems, and sheet fixing buttons. The polycarbonate sheets should be installed on the roof with the UV protection side facing outwards (The protective film says the side), taped to stop insect invasion, and sheet closures at the top and bottom of the sheets. The sheets are joined with the glazing bars and secured in place with the fixing buttons to the supporting framework.

Frequently Asked Questions about Polycarbonate Roof Sheets