10mm Polycarbonate Sheet | Clear, Bronze, White

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£9.72 Ex VAT (£11.66 Inc VAT)
Availability: In Stock
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10mm polycarbonate sheets are available in Clear, Bronze, White / Opal or Eco-White (recycled product). The 10mm polycarbonate sheet is used primarily as a roofing sheet, although they are often used in the construction of point-of-sale display units and scenery construction. Lightweight and low cost means this is a favourite of a contractor. This sheet is ideal for carports, canopies, gazebos and conservatories on a budget, if you are looking to replace old, corrugated roof sheets or glass, it is the most logical choice with its high strength and low cost. Specification: Weight: 1.5 kg/sqm Insulation U value: 3.1 Light Transmission: Clear = 81% Bronze = 50% White = 64%