Underground Pipe Bend 45 degree | Single

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£6.33 Ex VAT (£7.60 Inc VAT)
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This 45 degree underground pipe bend, for 110mm underground pipes, is available with single or double socket seals.  Ideal for situations where you need to divert the flow at a 45 degree angle in your 110mm drainage system.

Manufactured from strong uPVC, and made to exacting British Standards - Compliant to BS EN 1401-1 BS4660..2000, and compatible with the following underground drainage systems:

  • FLOPLAST 110mm
  • HUNTER 110mm
  • MARLEY 110mm
  • POLYPIPE 110mm
  • HEPWORTH 110mm
  • BRETT MARTIN 110mm
  • OSMA/WAVIN 110mm

Our 110mm Underground Drainage Systems are designed for use in gravity drainage and sewerage applications, up to a depth of 10M.  All of our drainage pipes and the majority of fittings are manufactured from Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC-U). The inspection chambers and gully grids are manufactured from polypropylene.

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