Underground Pipe Branch 45 degree | 45 degree

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£13.32 Ex VAT (£15.98 Inc VAT)
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This 110mm underground drainage Y branch is available with both double and triple socket seals, and at either a 45 degree angle or an 87.5 degree angle.

Designed to direct the flow and join pipes together, our underground pipe branches are made to British Standards, using uPVC, and comply with BS EN 1401-1 BS4660..2000.  They can be used with the following underground drainage systems:

  • BRETT MARTIN 110mm
  • HEPWORTH 110mm
  • FLOPLAST 110mm
  • MARLEY 110mm
  • HUNTER 110mm
  • OSMA/WAVIN 110mm
  • POLYPIPE 110mm

Our 110mm Underground Drainage Systems are designed for use in gravity drainage and sewerage applications, up to a depth of 10M.  All of our drainage pipes and the majority of fittings are manufactured from Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC-U). The inspection chambers and gully grids are manufactured from polypropylene.

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