4M Vale Frame Supported Glazing Bar White

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£33.56 Ex VAT (£40.27 Inc VAT)
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4M Frame Supported Vale Glazing Bar


The Vale glazing bar is a simple, yet widely popular, multi-use, frame supported joining bar. This bars simple design can be utilised to join any glazing flat sheet material of any thickness. It consists of an aluminium core, with plastic top capping and rubber fitments + base, and is 45mm wide.

This bar can be used in barrel vaulted roofs where the structural frame is shaped to a curve.  This bar is unique because it can be pulled to the correct curvature using the fixing screws to a minimum 3 metre radius curve.  

As standard, this bar is used as a central joint bar, however the customer will have to provide their own filling if being used as an edge bar.

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