1.05M x 6mm 'U' Drip White

Part Code: U610WH
EAN: -
Polycarbonate Sheet Thickness:
Glazing Bar & Accessories Colour:
Polycarbonate Sheet Width:
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£1.60 Ex VAT (£1.92 Inc VAT)
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£1.60 Ex VAT (£1.92 Inc VAT)
Availability: In Stock

Sheet end closures also known as 'U' Drips are used to close the top & bottom ends of polycarbonate multi-wall sheets. They are designed to be used in conjunction with the aluminium and vent tapes and cap over the top of them, the sheet closures also come with drip former to prevent water from being blown back up the sheet or from capillary action.

Our sheet closures also come with a unique hook / rain baffle design, when used at the bottom this hook clips onto the eaves retainer used on the Avon system to anchor the sheet in place, when use at the top the sheet closure is installed in revers to form a barrier to stop wind driven rain from lapping over the top of the sheets.

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