Sanctuary Canopy Carport Kits | Clear | 2.0M | 3.2M

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£646.54 Ex VAT (£775.85 Inc VAT)
Availability: 8 In Stock

The Sanctuary Canopy System is a versatile and robust solution for various outdoor spaces. Whether you’re looking to create a carport, veranda, patio canopy, or a walkway roof, this system has you covered. Here are the key features of the Sanctuary canopy:

  1. Materials:

    • The canopy system is constructed using an aluminium framework.
    • The roof is made from polycarbonate sheets.
  2. Installation:

    • It’s easy to build, and you can find installation guides and videos to assist you.
    • The system is designed for self-assembly.
  3. Design Features:

    • Integrated Gutter: The beam includes an integrated gutter for efficient water drainage.
    • Water Outlets: Water drains through the posts, eliminating the need for external pipes.
    • Internal Drainage Channels: Cleverly designed bars have internal drainage channels.
    • Torsional Strength: The bars have hollows for added strength and space for running lighting wires.
  4. Roofing Options:

    • The 16mm polycarbonate roofing panels provide strength and rigidity while remaining lightweight.
    • You can choose from various colors, including Clear, Bronze, Opal White, or Eco-White (recycled).
    • For a glass-clear effect without the risk of shattering, consider using solid 6mm polycarbonate with a special gasket.
  5. Color Choices:

    • The aluminium components come in a white enamel powder-coated finish.
    • Anthracite grey glazing bars are available in the system from stock, and other colors can be produced by quotation.
  6. Applications:

    • Carports: Ideal for creating car shelters.
    • Verandas: Perfect for extending living spaces.
    • Patio Canopies: Provides shade and protection.
    • Walkway Roofs: Keeps you dry during rainy days.

Remember, the Sanctuary canopy system is a top-selling British design made in the UK

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