750 x 900mm Non Vented Upstand Triple Glazed Clear

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£453.72 Ex VAT (£544.46 Inc VAT)
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£453.72 Ex VAT (£544.46 Inc VAT)
Availability: 20 In Stock

A fixed kerb roof dome is designed to bring natural daylight to your room and makes the installation easier and faster. Manufactured with solid polycarbonate glazing to ensure they are impact and fire resistant with amazing light transmission. The kerbs are 172mm high and manufactured from PVC with a honeycomb structure and welded in the corners to give great insulation and waterproof. The sloped sides of the kerb make it easy to lay the felt up the sides and the edges of the felt (which are the peel point) are protected by the overhang at the top.

Because of the wide variety of options available, every dome is custom made based on the list of options selected from the drop down menu and are a special order product. The domes are manufactured and despatched rapidly direct from the manufacture and are not kept on the shelf. Delivery is normally within 5 working days. It is important to include valid phone numbers so that delivery can be made.

The roof domes can be manufactured with either 2 layers (skin) of polycarbonate or 3 layers depending on the insulation requirements, and the upstands can have trickle vents added for airflow in humid environments on both he fixed kerb and linear opening roof domes.

When picking the roof dome size for a roof dome with kerb, the measurement required will be the size of the hole in the flat roof.

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