Avon System Eaves Retainer | White | 980mm

Part Code: AER98WH
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£3.12 Ex VAT (£3.74 Inc VAT)
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£3.12 Ex VAT (£3.74 Inc VAT)
Availability: 196 In Stock

The Avon eaves retainer is designed to be used in conjunction with the Avon glazing bar range and the C & A sheet end closures with retaining hooks and is an alternative to fixing buttons for securing the sheets in position and is a form of sheet anchor system.

The eaves retainer section is cut to length to fit between the glazing bars on the front beam edge. This will fill up the gap under the sheet at the front beam and acts similar to an eave’s filler in this respect. The prevailing edge needs to be positioned to be in line with the ends of the glazing bars, which should be 50mm projecting over the front beams edge, this will allow it to hook onto the sheet closure once installed. This section is reasonably flexible to accommodate different roof pitches, but on very shallow pitches it may need some manipulation to then accommodate the very low slope.


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