2M York8L Self Support Glazing Bar for 25/35mm Poly White

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£45.07 Ex VAT (£54.08 Inc VAT)
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£45.07 Ex VAT (£54.08 Inc VAT)
Availability: 17 In Stock

2M York System- 8 Self-Supporting Glazing Bar

The York system-8 bar is a self-supporting one-piece top cap glazing bar. It can be used in tandem with 25mm and 35mm polycarbonate roofing sheets. This bar is easy to install with the simple pivot mounts and one-piece clip down top cap aspects. It also self supports for a maximum of 4M. Bar is 58mm wide.

As standard, this bar is used as a central joint bar. However, if meaning to be used as an edge bar, a separate trim is required.

The PVC bottom cap provides a thermal break that minimises condensation.

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