25mm Polycarbonate Sheet Roofing | Bonus Range | Heatguard Opal | 2.5M | 2090mm

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£146.79 Ex VAT (£176.15 Inc VAT)
Availability: 91 In Stock
Heat reflective 25mm polycarbonate sheet (Heatguard) with a special double extrusion is specially manufactured for conservatories that are south facing and are exposed directly to the sunlight all day long. The exterior surface has a heat reflective layer which deflects much of the suns heat before it enters the building, but with an interior side manufactured with an opal finish, it has distinct advantages at night with its ceiling like reflective surface for artificial lighting. Specification: Weight: 3.4 kg/sqm Insulation U Value: 1.6 Light Transmission: 33%
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