3.0M x 2100mm 16mm Recycled Polycarbonate Eco-White

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£107.73 Ex VAT (£129.28 Inc VAT)
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£107.73 Ex VAT (£129.28 Inc VAT)
Availability: 260 In Stock

16mm polycarbonate sheets in Eco-White have been developed by C&A with some of the worlds best know polycarbonate sheet manufacturers. Made from 100% recycled post-production material these sheets are not only of extremely high quality they are also ecologically and economically conscious.

Manufactured in the tradition 3 wall box section these sheets are strong, fire retardant, UV coated and virtually indistinguishable to those made from pure 100% virgin resin.

The Eco-White as the name suggests are white in colour, this is one of the most popular variants as they help to defuse the light and prevent glare. These sheets are made in large batch quantities to help ensure colour consistency within the manufactured batch, however with all batch made products there can be differences between batches and so it is best to ensure you have ordered all you need in one go.

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